2017. április 5., szerda

Cernovich, Shauna, their babe @ Julious are a nice family goyim. I is envious.

Call me anythang on your fingerscale of your 76 gender studies, but that is a fam I can get behind.

And some...

A crazed maniac (who might be absolutely correct in his views btw (is he the only one to be called out as a maniac for his beliefs?), his wife (who stands by her man's"dillusions" as they were, while hugging their babe, and doggie, whom all get more hug-time on air than most babies in real life in our fair land), but a journalist, who lives out in the open?

Rolling stone:


Right there iz enough to like this guy.


Family class one.

Husband lovin'da wifey&wify sayin' noting to outsiders.



You DO understand, that marriage IS a contract....


What we have here it is not Watergate, far from it..

Those are just the implications...

...as Watergate rose in much in the wake of the McCarthy affair, as Nixon is a child of the McCarthy abortion...except, that while the #Putinhacking is fake, McCarthy was essentially correct, although naive.

Don't believe me?



And here we come to almost to a full circle...

(same methods,  same EVERYTHING...)

except, the it is not a circle, but a downward spiral to implosion.

embedded in the Imperial Cheery Blossom Family by the likes of (((Kushner)))...and the grandchillen.

Breaks my heart it does.

Watergate WAS THE punishment for Nixon for meddling in the affairs of the Internazionale.

Trump - Russia is a reverse Watergate/McChartism  a'la Yuri Bezmenov...https://m.youtube.com/results?q=bezmenov&sm=3

Today the United States of Soviet America is magnitudes in advance of the da ole CCCP

Hey...as long as the goyim pay for their offspring to enlist in.....University of  Whatever State.

There You go. All You need to know.

Now...we are talking social  sciences. Understooood?

Tha Goyim know.

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